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The United Nations Co-operative Savings and Credit Society (UN SACCO) was started in 1975 with the objective of providing a mechanism for United Nations (UN) employees in Kenya to save and borrow at low cost in order to meet the employees’ socio-economic needs. The UN SACCO membership has grown from 131 members in 1975 to 3,692 in 2010. In the same period, members’ deposits have grown from Ksh 290,000 to Ksh 3.7 billion while the share capital is at Ksh 121 million. The membership of the SACCO is open to all local and international staff of UN agencies within Eastern African Region.

The SACCO derives its mandate from the Co-operative Societies Act 2004 and its revised Act of 2008, the SACCO Societies Regulatory Authority (SASRA) guidelines 2010 and its By-laws. The affairs of the SACCO are directed by the Board of Directors (BOD) as provided for in the By-laws and overseen by the Supervisory Committee (SC) with both reporting to the AGM. The BOD has the following sub committees: the Executive, Credit, Finance & Investment, Audit & Information Technology (IT) and Human Resource (HR) & Education. Day to day operations of the SACCO are carried out by the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and other employees.